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Essential Dashboards in Excel

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Duration : 1 day

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"The trainer was approachable.  The training is very useful for analysis and data presentation.In-house course, Dashboards, Singapore, December 2012"

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This course is offered in-house only, but is also part of our Data Analysis & Dashboard Training workshops which are held regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

With the huge amount of data available to us every day, a well-built and designed dashboard reports is one of the best ways to interpret and communicate large quantities of information. Learn how to synthesise information into a logical framework, summarise it into a meaningful format, and then display the summary into easy-to-read tables and graphs.  Learn the principles of good dashboard design, as well as the tools to implement and build a dashboard using your existing Excel tools and skills (and perhaps a few you didn't know you had!) 

Each participant on this course receives a hard copy of the book Using Excel for Business Analysis.  Re-using your copy, got several participants or want to book on multiple courses?  Consider making a bulk booking and save.


The course material includes extensive use of Excel and participants will gain the maximum benefit from this course if they are already competent spreadsheets users. It is designed for users who do use (or will use) Excel on a regular basis, and are comfortable with using its tools and functions.
At minimum, it is assumed that participants will know how to:
•    Navigate confidently in Excel
•    Create and use formulas
•    Link between workbooks
•    Build a basic chart

If you are unsure about your level of Excel, you might also consider joining the online Excel School prior to coming on the course.

Materials used

Public courses are run in a computer laboratory with workstations provided. Participants may bring their own laptops if they prefer.   The course is demonstrated using the latest version of Microsoft Excel, but students can use other versions of Excel if they prefer.  Course materials contain instructions for several versions, and Excel 2011 for Mac users are also catered for.  PCs are used during this course, so Apple Macintosh users may prefer to bring their own laptops.

Learning Objectives

This one-day intensive course is very hands-on and practical and each participant will be expected to create their own dashboard reports. 
1.    Master key steps to get the most out of Excel functionality to improve your report design skills
2.    Select which advanced formulas are appropriate in to achieve different results
3.    Streamline dashboard building by applying best practice functions, tools and techniques
4.    Apply commonly-used formulas to your dashboards in new and different ways
5.    Learn to build a quick and easy-to-use Excel dashboard which can measure and interpret the performance of your company with the click of a button
6.    Expedite and enhance the decision-making process with your dynamic analytical reports
7.    Maximise your analytical abilities by learning conventional and new approaches of report design

Who should Attend?

Systems Analysis, Business Analysts, Finance Managers, Reporting Analysts, Financial Analysts, Management Accountants, Commercial Managers, Financial Controllers, Business Intelligence Analysts

Course Content

Dashboard Design

-    What is a dashboard?
-    Common mistakes dashboard design
-    Principles of dashboard design best practice
-    Selecting the correct chart to display data
-    Adding icons and images to dashboards
-    Effective use of colour and logos
-    Making dashboards dynamic
Group exercise: Critique commonly-used vendor business intelligence example dashboards and provide recommendations for redesign

Excel Tools for Dashboard

Must-know Tools and Techniques

-    Discussion of available BI tools (Excel alternatives or complements)
-    Key points on Excel versions
-    New features of Excel; sparklines, slicer & more
-    Named Ranges
-    Time saving shortcuts


-    Creating and modifying a chart
-    Making your charts look fabulous
-    Charting tips, tricks and shortcuts
-    Design principles for including charts in dashboards

Bullet-proofing your Dashboards

-    Protect dashboards by locking cells
-    Password Protection
-    Restricting incorrect data entry with data validations
-    Using worksheet protection to prevent entry
-    Protecting your dashboard files using “Read Only” and password protection

Essential Advanced Tools

-    Incorporating Advanced functions into dashboards
-    Working with dates
-    Conditional formatting
-    Pivot Tables

Practical Dashboard Building

Practical exercise:  Using your own data, or examples provided, create a dynamic dashboard template incorporating the tools and techniques discussed during the course.