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Excel Versions 2013

In this video we explore the major differences between different versions of Excel, and learn critical skills for working with those using different versions. Whether you are using Excel 2013, 2010, 2007 or Excel for Mac, your modelling will be impacted by the changes and differences in functionality between versions.

Video length: 15 min

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Download the Excel template for this video. Follow along with the video demonstration, and save your model. In this particular module you do not need to submit this model for review, however you do need to complete the quiz questions once you have completed the module. You may also download the completed version of the exercises at the end if you wish to compare your work.

Recommended Reading

  1. See the section on “Excel Versions” in Chapter 5, page 101 of Using Excel for Business Analysis
  2. Read the article What's New in Excel 2013
  3. Download the PDF document entitled “Excel Versions” which forms part of the freely available supplementary content for this book.

If you signed up for the Online Financial Modelling Bundle then you will be receiving a copy of this book included in your registration. Note that this book acts as a handy study companion to this course for additional supplementary reading and exercises.  Purchase of the book is recommended, but not required to complete the course, as extensive notes are provided as part of the online course materials.

If you'd like to upgrade to the bundle and complete all three courses, please contact us and we can upgrade your registration!

Bonus content

For background on upgrading from Excel 2003 or 2007 to 2010, see this video on Excel Versions 2010.


Download the Transcript for this video (note that transcripts may not be available for all sections of all courses)