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I really enjoyed the courses and look forward to the Advanced Financial Modelling course.

The presenter was very professional.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, August 2014

Senior HR Finance & Information Analyst, Automotive

There was a good mixture of instruction and practical exercises.  The instructions given were very good - great detail!

Pricing Analyst, In-house course,

Sydney, Oct 2011

Pricing Analyst

Well presented course with lots of new tricks and information for developing models and also general excel skills.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, May 2012

Financial Analyst, IT

Good foundations & principles discussed. The presenter has good knowledge, good pace and was very engaging.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, Mar 2016

Senior Corporate Account, Utilities

The workshop was very practical.  The presenter is very engaging and professional. She keeps you interested right the way through the course.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, November 2013

Financial Team Assistant, Finance Industry

The presenter was collaborative, energetic and had many good ideas to offer.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Dubai, November 2016

Finance Industry

Course was very well paced, it was very personalised and developed very well for every level of the attendants.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, October 2012

IT Finance Analyst, Consumer Goods Industry

Covered lots of Financial Modelling functions which are used in the daily work. The course was very interactive and well presented - thanks a lot!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, October 2012

Commercial Analyst, Consumer Goods Industry

The presenter was very knowledgeable and friendly.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, June 2014

Project Governance Officer, Government Department

Very pleased with the result especially the knowledge from the training section, budgeting & government accounts. Overall, it has been a very good course. Helps refresh existing Excel skills while helping to add new functionalities. Thanks much & all the best.

Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, November 2014

Finance Industry

I liked the way we were able to discuss the examples in our business context. The presenter was keen to explore how the examples and tools would relate to our operatons.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Hobart, December 2013

Finance, Tertiary Education

The presenter was very good at balancing explanations with practical work.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, June 2014

Strategic Management Accounting & Reporting, Tertiary Education

It's a great online course which delivers the right knowledge and skills. I definitely learnt more than I expected. I strongly recommend it to all people who wish to learn something about financial modelling and Excel.

The online course is very well organised and all contents are easy to follow.

Financial Modelling in Excel (online course), September 2014

Petroleum Industry

Good course - I will definitely use the skills I gained in this course everyday in my workplace!

Brisbane, Sept 2010

I enjoyed the course and have developed new skills and more confidence in using excel. So thank you!

Anonymous, Online Course Participant

I liked the structured approach with ready to use data so I could focus on the formulas. 

The formulas used were very useful and I really look forward to making my excel life much easier.  The presenter is great, very upbeat.  I am a little suprised that an excel course could be this exciting.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Agricultural Industry

Content of course was excellent.  Delivery of material is good and understandability is great! English is my third language and I didn't have major problems.

Online Financial Modelling in Excel and Online Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, May 2012

Bhavik Khatri

I really like the mix of theory and practical exercises. The presenter had excellent knoweledge and a good training methodology.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Hobart, December 2013

Associate Director, Tertiary Education

The facilitator's knowledge was excellent and the venue was well located and of a high standard. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable. The workshop had wonderful course content and training facilities!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, June 2016

Director, Arts and Culture

The workshop provided a variety of methods to perform models. Thank you again for a lot of information that I will go away to digest and utilise.

Excellent workshop!  Thank you!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Civil Manager, Government

I liked that we worked on models on our own computers and it helped to apply what we are learning.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, May 2015

Finance, Government

A great presenter, patient and knowledgeable. The presenter tailored the information provided to suit the people in the course.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Tasmania, July 2014

Finance Officer, Process Transactions, Tertiary Education

Good practical materials, course was well structured. Very good presenter, engaging and interesting.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Hobart, December 2013

Finance Department, Tertiary Education Industry

As a participant in one of Plum Solutions training courses, I found the consultant to be an excellent educator and would willingly recommend their training sessions to anyone interested in advancing their financial modelling skills.

Sydney, In-house Course, February 2011

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Head of Cash Services, Banking

The presenter is an experienced financial modeller, she has the knowledge of both finance and Excel and is capable to explain very well and provide an enjoyable atmosphere in her courses.

Financial Modelling Using Excel, Dubai, November 2014

Financial Controller, Accounting