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I really liked the practical business case and working examples.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, Mar 2016

Finance Analyst, Airlines

I would recommend this workshop to my colleagues

Certificate in Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, April 2017


I liked the structured approach with ready to use data so I could focus on the formulas. 

The formulas used were very useful and I really look forward to making my excel life much easier.  The presenter is great, very upbeat.  I am a little suprised that an excel course could be this exciting.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Agricultural Industry

The workshop provided a variety of methods to perform models. Thank you again for a lot of information that I will go away to digest and utilise.

Excellent workshop!  Thank you!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Civil Manager, Government

The course gave me a better overview about how important it is to know how to use Excel in the industry  The presenter was quite good and used easier ways to explain the complex theory.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, November 2014

Assistant Accountant, Transport Industry

Good practical materials, course was well structured. Very good presenter, engaging and interesting.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Hobart, December 2013

Finance Department, Tertiary Education Industry

The course has helped me to develop my financial modelling skills and I'll be a lot more efficient with my work from now on.  The trainer was excellent!  She knew virtually everything about Excel and Financial Modelling.

Sydney, June 2011

Corporate and Institutional Banking Graduate Analyst

Every question raised was clearly answered and well explained.  All topics were covered and our objectives met!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Dubai, Jan 2014

Analyst, Qatar Foundation

The financial modelling course was fantastic; professionally presented, the material was excellent, and the presenter was knowledgeable and very approachable too!  Environment was comfortable and refreshments excellent.  I can't imagine how the course could be improved and the presenter could have topped the performance. 

Sydney, February 2012

University Student

The workshop helped a lot to better understand financial models and to make them work easily.

Certificate in Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, April 2017


The presenter is an author of a book specialised on the topic relevant to the course and is authoritative in the subject matter.

Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, November 2014

Financial Professional

Very good, the presenter was absolutely a subject matter expert. Great to have exposure to this type of training. Although the subject matter is on excel and numbers, the presenter kept it very engaging and interesting. Good personal approach.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Dealer Development, Machinery Industry

As a participant in one of Plum Solutions training courses, I found the consultant to be an excellent educator and would willingly recommend their training sessions to anyone interested in advancing their financial modelling skills.

Sydney, In-house Course, February 2011

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Head of Cash Services, Banking

On the first day, objectives were asked and understood for each person in the class which was a very good approach.

Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, November 2014

Finance Industry

The presenter was great at explaining everything and very helpful. Overall, I learnt a lot and found the course very valuable, thank you. 

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, November 2013

Business Analyst, Media Industry

Danielle is a good presenter; she's able to convey the materials in an interesting way, relating
it to real life examples of how we might be able to use what's taught in class. 

Management Associate, Maybank

The presenter gave time to work through the case study in a step by step basis. The workshop was easy to follow with clear examples. Each part was useful in explaining or developing Excel modelling best practice.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne June 2016

Vice President Business Development, Local Government

There is always something interesting to learn about Excel. I especially liked learning new shortcuts and formulas.  The presenter was very enthusiastic and knowledgable.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Tasmania, July 2014

Business Card and Revenue, Tertiary Education

A must have training course in line with future development.

Certificate in Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, April 2017


Plum Solutions financial modelling course was extremely informative and highly relevant to my work as a financial analyst. The material was very well presented and highlights how efficient and powerful a tool Excel can be. I would highly recommend Plum Solutions courses for anyone looking to further their financial modelling and Excel skills.

Sydney, March 2012

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Senior Financial Analyst, Utilities

The presenter was very knowledgeable.

Melbourne, November 2011

Accountant, Aged Care

I enjoyed it the workshop and thought it was comprehensive. I really liked the presenter's engagement with participants.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, July 2016

Alex Cottee, Oil & Gas

The presenter was very friendly and relevant to share knowledge and assisted with help applying it through business cases.

Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, November 2014

Finance Industry

Thank you, the course covered all of my goals with regards to Financial Modelling!

Senior Manager, Finance, Merchant ATMs
In-house course, Melbourne, Feb 2011

Thank You

Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days and learned so much. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to attend a course with Plum Solutions.

Thank you - now we have the challenge of making sure we use our new skills to reinforce what we have learned.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Hobart, December 2013

Financial Services, Tertiary Education