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The workshop was easy going and great to follow.  The presenter was very helpful and easy to listen to.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Tasmania, July 2014

Finance Analyst, Tertiary Education Industry

The presenter was great at explaining everything and very helpful. Overall, I learnt a lot and found the course very valuable, thank you. 

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, November 2013

Business Analyst, Media Industry

A great trainer for the Financial Modelling course. She was very knowledgable of the topic and was able to respond to all our queries.

Sydney, October 2013

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Financial Accountant, Human Resources

I think the course format was easy to follow and I really liked the fact that I could dip in and out when I wanted to. 

I think the change of scenes was particularly effective as it gave some added variety. I found the presenter to be really good and thorough.

Online Financial Modelling in Excel Package, May 2015

Senior Agricultural Economist, Management Consulting

The contents and pace was just right. The practical exercises helped to reinforce the concepts learned.  The presenter had presentation style and mastery of the subject.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, November 2014

IT Budget Analyst, Finance Industry

I have a great understanding about auditing of financial models.

Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, November 2014

Finance Industry

I enjoyed it the workshop and thought it was comprehensive. I really liked the presenter's engagement with participants.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, July 2016

Alex Cottee, Oil & Gas

Course was very well paced, it was very personalised and developed very well for every level of the attendants.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, October 2012

IT Finance Analyst, Consumer Goods Industry

The presenter was very knowledgeable and their experience in the industry was obvious.

Sydney, May 2012

Strategy Analyst, Telecommunications

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and gained valuable Financial Modelling and Excel skills which I know will directly apply in my workplace increasing my efficiency and ability to provide & present accurate and useful data.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, November 2015

Construction Industry

On the first day, objectives were asked and understood for each person in the class which was a very good approach.

Financial Modelling using Excel, Dubai, November 2014

Finance Industry

Well paced and covered key and fundamental areas, very professional and extensive knowledge comes across with ease.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Commercial Analyst, Finance

Very much a detailed workshop and good material to support the course.  Very practical!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Tactical Segment Manager, Machinery Industry

The course has helped me to develop my financial modelling skills and I'll be a lot more efficient with my work from now on.  The trainer was excellent!  She knew virtually everything about Excel and Financial Modelling.

Sydney, June 2011

Corporate and Institutional Banking Graduate Analyst

Very good, the presenter was absolutely a subject matter expert. Great to have exposure to this type of training. Although the subject matter is on excel and numbers, the presenter kept it very engaging and interesting. Good personal approach.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, August 2013

Dealer Development, Machinery Industry

I liked the way we were able to discuss the examples in our business context. The presenter was keen to explore how the examples and tools would relate to our operatons.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Hobart, December 2013

Finance, Tertiary Education

The presenter knew the subject well!

Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, October 2015

Project Manager, Government

As an online course, well structured, well paced and well put together. Financial Modelling in Excel online course, July 2012

Anonymous, Energy Sector

The trainer has very good delivery skills; the content is packed but presented in a simple, informative and effective way.

Investment Analyst, Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

The trainer had excellent teaching ability, making hard things look simple and feasible, giving examples and gradually increasing the level of difficulty.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Dubai, Jan 2014

Corporate Strategy Portfolio Manager, Dubai Electricity & Water Authority

Thanks a lot for providing all the course information!  The course in Shanghai was a wonderful journey, and it is really helpful and practical for my new position.

Shanghai, February 2012

FP&A Director, Healthcare

I liked the use of a single business case scenario from start to end.  Very useful workshop to use all of the tools.  Strong subject matter knowledge explained simply and practically.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, February 2014

Principal, Mining Projects

Attended the training courses on Financial Modelling and Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel.  The presenter has excellent knowledge in excel modelling and is also willing to share models not within the scope of the training course.

Singapore, April 2013

Finance and Human Resources, Higher Education

I took the online Financial Modelling In Excel course over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. Your videos and instructions were clear and concise and I was able to pick up many useful tips with the practical on screen instructions/demonstrations. This method of 'see then do' learning really works for me as I find it difficult to take time off from work to attend a full day workshop.  I look forward to taking the Advanced Financial Modelling course online and hope it will be made available online soon.

Online Course Feb 2011

It was my pleasure attending your course of Certificate in Financial Modelling using Excel.  Frankly speaking, I consider this course as one of the best courses I had ever attended  in my career.  Hopefully, I would be able to attend new courses in your classes in the near future.  I seize this opportunity to thank you for the professionalism and the extraordinary efforts you had devoted.

Dubai, Feb 2012.

Mohammed Suba’a, Manager, Financial Accounting, Saudi Arabia.