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"The course covered a variety of topics and to a good depth, spanning all abilities. I like the way Danielle is so passionate about what she does. She can engage with people from all cultures."

Bruce McIntosh, Project Manager

I will be able to complete my work more easily and smoothly!

Financial Reporting for Executive Assistants, Dubai, January 2015

Finance Industry

I really liked learning all of the functions and how they apply to a model - and then putting everything into place with the supplied exercises.

This course will allow me to build models and spreadsheets a lot quicker and easier.  Plus, it makes the model a lot more user-friendly when explaining it to other people.

In-house Graduate Programme, Sydney, June 2011

Graduate Banking Analyst

The course covered great material.

Data Analysis and Reporting, Sydney, May 2012

Investment Analyst, Government

The course contained great solutions to actual workplace problems and excellent information that I can use in a positive way.

In-house, Perth, August 2011

Base Support Co-ordinator - Engineering

I liked the skills taught to build dynamic models.

The presenter is personable, has good communication skills and is engaging. She can explain things clearly.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel (In-house Workshop), Sydney, August 2016

Energy distribution

I enjoyed the relative fast pace, secure in the knowledge that I can look it up in a clear and well written manual when I need to refresh myself and apply it.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Brisbane, February 2015

Executive Assistant, Mining Explosives

Very helpful trainer.

Engineer, Teknik Janakuasa Sdn Bhd

I found the workshop was hands-on and interactive and relevant to my role.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Brisbane, September 2016

Human Resource, Finance Industry

The workshop was well structured. The content was very practical and useful. It is a well guided course for how to creating a concise and effective dashboard. Some quite handy tips in Excel.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, March 2014

Business Analyst, Online Media

I think the course format was easy to follow and I really liked the fact that I could dip in and out when I wanted to. 

I think the change of scenes was particularly effective as it gave some added variety. I found the presenter to be really good and thorough.

Online Financial Modelling in Excel Package, May 2015

Senior Agricultural Economist, Management Consulting

As a participant in one of Plum Solutions training courses, I found the consultant to be an excellent educator and would willingly recommend their training sessions to anyone interested in advancing their financial modelling skills.

Sydney, In-house Course, February 2011

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Head of Cash Services, Banking

The course was very useful for me to use in the workplace.  Very practical!

Sydney, June 2011

Mark Wong, HR Reporting Analyst

Very engaging presenter.  The material was presented clearly with plenty of time for questions and discussions.

Project Manager, Medical Research

There was a good mixture of instruction and practical exercises.  The instructions given were very good - great detail!

Pricing Analyst, In-house course,

Sydney, Oct 2011

Pricing Analyst

Easy to follow and totally relevant to my role. Patient, willing to slow down the course to allow people to catch up, comprehend and follow the course without being left behind.

Data Analysis and Reporting (In-house course), Sydney, July 2013

Security Division, Transport Industry 2

I found this course so absolutely informative.  It gave me several best examples of financial modelling which I will apply back at my work.

Financial Modelling Masterclass, Hong Kong, Sept 2011

Finance and Management Reporting Manager, Liquor Industry

I liked that the course facilitator asked each individual what they would like to get out of the course and then based the day around that rather than having a pre written agenda. We didn't rush through the material and got plenty of time to ask questions. One of the best Excel courses I have been on - would definitely recommed this course to others.

In-House Training Course, Sydney, October 2012

Property Management - Investment Analyst

Very practical and hands on workshop. Applying concepts through case studies was very useful. The presenter provided clear explanations of concepts and was approachable.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, September 2014

Financial Analyst, IT Industry

Well presented.  Good supporting materials and models that can be referred to after the course, or with colleagues.

Senior Economist, Sydney Water Corporation

The trainer has very good delivery skills; the content is packed but presented in a simple, informative and effective way.

Investment Analyst, Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

Very helpful to know the possibilities of what can make a great dashboard.  Very flexible format.   The presenter was very open to provide additional resources.  Thank you.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel, Sydney, June 2014

Statistical Data Analyst, Insurance Industry

The technical aspect of building models was outstanding and I can definitely use the best practices in my work.  The presenter had great energy and infectious enthusiasm which helped engage my interest in building models.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, June 2014

Supply Chain Analyst, Refining/Energy Industry

Presenter was engaging, easy to understand and very knowledgeable on the course content.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel (In-house), Sydney, February 2016 

Health, Tertiary Education

The course was excellent and at no time did I start to count ceiling tiles! The course was well paced and addressed the issues of all students.  The presenter kept everything moving (something a lot fail to do!)

Budgeting and Forecasting in Excel, Melbourne, August 2014