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"Content was comprehensive - I will recommend to others."


A practical modelling workshop.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne, March 2015

Business Analyst, Energy Industry

The course was very interactive which was great, also got to learn a lot more about shortcuts and other functions. The presenter had a good delivery, was easy to understand and also provided additional assistance when needed.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel (In-house), Melbourne, September 2016

Pharmaceutical Industry

There was a lot of useful information.  Very good content!

The presenter had a very impressive knowledge of Excel which helped in understanding the course.

Budgeting & Forecasting Oct 10

R. Ceapa, University of Technology, Sydney

The presenter was very knowledgeable and their experience in the industry was obvious.

Sydney, May 2012

Strategy Analyst, Telecommunications

Loved the exercises, and the classroom setup.  The presenter was very responsive to individual questions. 

Melbourne, March 2012

Sales Analyst, Logistics

I learned too many skills to mention!  The facilitator is extremely talented and knowledgeable on the subject and I look forward to applying the knowledge in practice.

Financial Controller, Chemical Industry, Perth, March 2011

Too many to mention

A great trainer for the Financial Modelling course. She was very knowledgable of the topic and was able to respond to all our queries.

Sydney, October 2013

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Financial Accountant, Human Resources

The presenter clearly explained every point.

Financial Reporting for Executive Assistants, Dubai, January 2015

Finance Industry

The workshop covered exactly what I was after - Pivot tables, VLOOKUP and IF formulas.

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel (In-house), Sydney, February 2016 

Assistant Accountant, Tertiary Education

The course was fantastic!


The presenter gave time to work through the case study in a step by step basis. The workshop was easy to follow with clear examples. Each part was useful in explaining or developing Excel modelling best practice.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Melbourne June 2016

Vice President Business Development, Local Government

Danielle was a great trainer, very interactive and was able to explain all scenarios in depth to our group. Danielle made sure we were learning the most relevant material. Danielle was great, very friendly and able to help one on one when needed. Very knowledgeable!

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (In-House), Melbourne, June 2017

Project Specialist, Airlines

In addition to the course, I learnt a lot of small but valuable tips and tricks that added great value. The presenter was friendly and energetic!

Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting in Excel (In-house Workshop), Melbourne, August 2016

Healthcare Industry

Good exposure on how to build good financial models.

Consultant - Credit Marketing, Malaysia Debt Ventures Berhad

The presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging and interested in ensuring each participant got as much out of the course as possible.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel, Sydney, March 2013

Senior Settlement Analyst, Utilities Industry

A very enthusiastic and engaging presenter!

Pricing Analyst, In-house course,

Sydney, Oct 2011

Pricing Analyst

The trainer has very good delivery skills; the content is packed but presented in a simple, informative and effective way.

Investment Analyst, Employee Provident Fund (EPF)

I enjoyed that the workshop was tailored to the needs for our work. The content covered was very useful.

Advanced Financial Modelling in Excel (In-house Workshop), Sydney, August 2016

Accounting Industry

I liked how my specific needs were queried and answered through the course. I needed some discussion around special charts (waterfall, tornado) and the presenter made time for this.  The course was well-packaged, covering a wide range of topics and had useful examples to emphasize good/bad practices. I can definitely use what I learned in the course in my workplace, particularly on dashboard reports and dynamic chart.

Supply Chain Analyst, Energy Industry

I think the course format was easy to follow and I really liked the fact that I could dip in and out when I wanted to. 

I think the change of scenes was particularly effective as it gave some added variety. I found the presenter to be really good and thorough.

Online Financial Modelling in Excel Package, May 2015

Senior Agricultural Economist, Management Consulting

It's a great course to summarise my previous knowledge and pick up new ideas and facts.

Data Analysis and Reporting in Excel, Melbourne, August 2013

Finance Analyst, Department of Justice, Government

I liked the fact that the course could be tailored on the run to suit participants. The facilitator was very good and very knowledgable. Worked well with the group to tailor to our requirements.

Essential Excel for Finance (In-house course), Sydney, November 2012

Risk & Compliance Manager, Private Investment

I thought the course was excellent and the course content was very relevant.

Financial Modelling in Excel, Hobart, December 2013

Finance Business Partner, Tertiary Education

This course has given me a better understanding of modelling frameworks and concepts.  It has given me more confidence when reviewing and producting models.  The course was very appropriate for my needs - the presenter was excellent, and the venue good.

A very enjoyable, past-paced course which has given me confidence to tackle complex modelling at work.

Financial Modelling Masterclass, Perth, August 2011

CFO, Chemical Industry