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Consulting Testimonials

Danielle is fantastic to work with. Her expertise and understanding of Excel has allowed our company to take our advice to another level. Danielle has allowed what was an overwhelming amount of information to be presented to clients in a simple, clear and far quicker manner. We and my clients will benefit from Danielle's work for many years to come. 

Finance Industry, August 2015, View this testimonial on Linkedin


Danielle genuinely operates at the top of her field and is one of the best financial modellers I have come across. 

I have worked closely with her for well over 10 years. If you are stuck in producing financial models that are both easy to replicate and easy to understand, you simply must engage Danielle. 

She has a very calm communication style and has developed an international reputation in the field of financial modelling

Finance Industry, July 2015, View this testimonial on Linkedin